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Discipline  Days & Hours            Range    Status     Fee


Shotgun      Sat/Sun 10am - 2pm               Trap/Skeet  Members      $4.00
             Mon/Wed  5pm - Closing League    5-Stand                  $5.00
             Thu     11am - Closing           Trap/Skeet  Non-Members  $7.00
                                              5-Stand                  $7.00

Pistol       Daily 9am - Dusk                 Pistol      Members      RO & RMF Required
             (except for scheduled events)    Pistol      Non-Members  $10/hour
             Sunday 10am - 2pm

Rifle        Thursday 11am - 3pm              Rifle       Members      RMF Required
             Sunday 10am - 2pm                Rifle       Non-Members  $10/hour

Archery      Thursday 11am - 3pm              Practice    Members      Free
             Saturdays 10am - 2pm             3-D                      $5.00
             Sunday 10am - 2pm                Practice    Non-Members  $10.00
                                              3-D                      $10.00

RO = Range Orientation     RMF = Range Maintenance Fee (annual)

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