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NSSF First Shots Program

New to the club?  New to firearms?  Looking for firearms safety and instruction in use?  


NBSC is proud to be offering the NSSF First Shots Program.  We will begin holding monthly classes geared towards people new to firearms.  The course will cover everything from storing the firearm, handling the firearm safely to actually getting coached on using your firearm (by NRA certified and experienced range safety officers).  It is REQUIRED for all new club members, regardless of shooting experience.


Classes are on the following dates, they start in the clubhouse at 9 am

  • February 25th

  • March 11th

  • April 1st (No Joke!)

  • May 20th


What you get:

  • 3 hours of classroom instruction on everything you need to know to be a safe and effective gun owner.

  • 3 to 4 hours of on range instruction on how your firearm works, how to handle it safely, how to put up targets, correct grip, correct stance and much more.

  • FREE eye and ear protection!

  • FREE Ablative targets!

  • FREE 25 rounds of 22 LR ammunition!

  • FREE Course Material!

  • $25 Gift Certificate (after completing a survey)


If you are looking for instruction, geared towards those just beginning their firearms journey, come join us! The program is informative, fun, safe and most importantly geared towards building your enthusiasm for shooting!


Did I mention the cost?


For members the cost is $15


Non-Members the cost is $25


Yep, that includes all the instruction, all the free stuff listed and hours on the range!


We are encouraging you to bring your own firearm and ammunition! We want to make sure you build comfort with what you are going to shoot and will be glad to help you do that during the course!


To register:


Print out the forms below, fill them out and either drop them off at the club or mail them to the club along with payment.  Registrations MUST be received no later than one week PRIOR to the date of the class.  If your registration is received outside that windows you will be asked to attend the following session.

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