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Archery Range Information:

Our Practice Range offers various shooting distances for both novice and expert alike. Field points are the only tips allowed on this range unless shooting at a target you have brought to the range. Broad Heads are not allowed otherwise. There is a $10 fee for range access to non-members.

Our beautiful "Walk Through the Woods" 3D Range is truly one of a kind! The trail features four elevated shooting structures and many ground level shooting stations. All shooting stations have targets to support field points and broad heads. 3D targets include white tail, boar, turkey, bear and elk. As you're walking the trails from station to station, be sure to pay attention to your surroundings. There will be some hidden 3D targets! Additionally, range fee on the 3D course are $10 per non-member or $5 per member.

Archers are encouraged to take their time, be safe, and have an enjoyable experience.

Archery range access starts in the Spring!


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